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Welcome to the Bliss of yoga the home of Svaroopa® Yoga.

Spring is here!  As the earth wakes up and the trees burst with color, and the grass becomes greener, we are outside more and more active.  our muscles wake up and ache.  Doing yoga can relieve the muscle strain.  Stop and enjoy the beauty of spring.

The Spring session begins this week (April  15th) for 11 weeks.  I will continue with the same class schedule.  (See class schedule).   There will be no class May 3rd and Wednesday night May 15th.  Let me know if you can't be in class. You can text my cell 617-529-7655.

Welcome to the promise of yoga; to know your own Self, and to live in an enlivened body and with a quiet mind.  The stress and hurry of modern living distracts us from this inner knowing, while our bodies get tighter and tighter. Svaroopa® Yoga is one of the primary styles of Hatha Yoga in America. It specializes in releasing pain easily with the spinal decompression called Core Opening. Your back pain and neck and shoulder tension will dissolve in the first class by releasing the deeper muscles closest to your spine. You will feel more alive, more peaceful and more yourself: we call this "Svaroopa", the bliss of your own being.

Take this time to find your center by doing more yoga.  Yoga promises to help you find “ease and energy”   Do a daily asana practice, meditate, take a workshop, or schedule a private session.  The true promise of yoga is to know your Self and to live in an enlivened body and with a quiet mind.  Do more yoga!

I will continue to offer you the opportunity to experience private sessions.   Private sessions are a way of deepening your personal experience of yoga, taking you beyond the known to a profound healing.  Or you might be feeling “stuck” and receiving one private session is equivalent to the release you get from attending 6-10 yoga classes.

There are 2 types of private sessions you can try.  I’m offering you 2 private sessions for the price of 1. You can choose an Embodyment, a Svaroopa Yoga Therapy, or a session to help you develop your home practice

  1. 1.Embodyment™ is relaxing and restorative. Working hands-on, to facilitate the release of deeply held tension in the whole body. 

  2. 2.Svaroopa™ Therapy session is designed to meet your specific needs.You are supported comfortably in Svaroopa® Yoga poses to promote healing and transformation, with minimal effort on your part. This support, with adjustments and selective Embodyment®, allows you to relax into an even deeper release than you would experience in a yoga class, and to carry those changes with you into your everyday life.

  3. 3.Develop a home practice.  I will help you find the most effective poses for your body, lifestyle and personal needs.

See you all in class.

Do more Yoga.


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“I feel so relaxed.  yoga Therapy feels better than a massage.  With a massage it gets into the superficial muscles, but yoga therapy gets deeper into my bones and joints.”


2 Private sessions for the price of 1